Thursday, June 2, 2011

WSOP Day 2

Event 3, $1500 Omaha8:  This game is boring but people play so bad at it.  So many 7-way limped pots and people missing so much value on every hand.  Anyway my day was pretty uneventful, I think my peak stack was like 8k from the starting stack of 4500.  And I made the least optimal use of my time possible in this tourney.  I won or chopped 3 pots in the last 15 minutes before dinner break to get from 900 up to 2800 chips going into dinner, then lost them all on the first hand after dinner.  And dinner break was extended like 20 extra minutes because the chip-up took forever, so basically I waited almost 2 hours to bust in one hand.

5k nl at noon tomorrow and 1500 stud at 5pm if I bust that.  5k gonna be huge with probably over a million to first.

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