Sunday, June 5, 2011

WSOP Day 6

Event 9, $1500 2/7 NL, Day 2:  Kept up the rungood for the first couple hours and got my stack up over 100k with 35 ppl left when no one else had much more than 50k.  My table broke at 35 and unfortunately my rungood didn't transfer to the new table, losing like 7 showdown pots in a row including the last one where I got in my last 30k with 97532 pat vs 8654x draw, obviously he catches a 3 to bust me in 31st place with only 28 spots paying.  Just so damn frustrated right now considering how big a chiplead I had.  There wasn't really a hand I could have played differently, every hand I got it in with was standard, I just couldn't win any of them.  Bleh I guess I'm used to the wsop torture by now so whatever.

$1500 NL 6 max at noon tomorrow, and $10k omaha8 at 5.

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