Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WSOP Day 29, Trifecta Accomplished

Event 47, $2500 Omaha8/Stud8, Day 2:  Came into the day with 9400 chips playing 600/1200, lost the first 2 hands I played and was busto within like half an hour.

Event 48, $1500 NLHE:  Got in this just as late reg was closing and stayed around the starting stack until right before dinner when I picked up AA and tripled up to get to around 10k.  After dinner I had a hand where I flatted a raise in the cutoff at 150/300 with QTcc and the big blind called too.  Flop came Q75 with 2 hearts, and the big blind led for 1600, the original raiser folded, and I went all in for like 7k more and he thought for a while before finally calling with A5hh, ace on the river.  I don't think I've made day 2 of a NLHE tournament yet this year.

Event 49, $2500 Triple Draw:  One of my best games.  Had pretty good tables throughout the day and got my stack up around 20k just after the last break but then got moved to a new table and didn't win a hand, and in triple draw your chips can go quickly if you don't win any hands, as mine did, and I busted with about 20 minutes left in the day.

I doubt I'll do the daily WSOP blog updates next year, it's just too much of a grind and probably boring you guys a little.  :)  It seems silly to quit now though with only like 5 days of prelims left.  I hope if anything you all can appreciate how much of a grind the WSOP becomes though.

$5k NLHE tomorrow at noon.


  1. Well,

    just to provide you with some feedback then, although you go busto a bit often these days :-)
    I am looking out to your updates each day and am rooting for you from the silent majority's background!

    And I do so just because of your steadfastiness in keeping score, I really enjoy reading the daily dose of your WSOP endeavours.

    Now start cashing again!

    And don't do that thing with QTcc anymore :-)

  2. Don't stop the updates. I've enjoyed them a lot.

  3. Don't stop .

    Reader from France.


  4. yeah updates are sick!

  5. reader from canada ^

  6. I read it each day and really enjoy it.
    Thanks for taking the time to do it.
    Reader from France too.

  7. thanks guys it's hard for me too see how many people are interested in it since it gets pretty repetitive after a while, glad to hear that people really are. i'll definitely finish this year doing them, still not sure if i'll do it next year though.

  8. also updates would probably be more fun if i had actually cashed in the last 3 weeks :)

  9. its fun reading and ive enjoyed keeping up! For next year you gotta do what makes it the easiest to focus during the game. Our entertainment is secondary! Just dont forget bout your fans:)

  10. Hey Jorj95,

    Enjoying the updates. for me its one of the best blogs on the net, all the best in the rest of the events,

    Joe from Ireland

  11. Hi Jorj, I love to read your updates, if you can please keep doing it next years / next tournament series you re playing.

    GL in the 50k from Portugal.


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