Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WSOP Day 22

Event 35, $5k PLO, Day 2:  Went into the day really short on chips with about 20k with blinds 600/1200 with the average around 70k, but got it in with QQ65 double suited against some AAxx hand, hit a 5 on the flop and a 5 on the turn to double up to like 46k.  A few hands later I triple barrel bluffed with the bare ace on a flush board and he finally folded on the river, and I got my stack to around 80k with like 80 people left when I get this hand.  I open under the gun with AhKhQx6x to 3200 at 800/1600, Tom Dwan calls next to act, and the big blind calls.  Flop comes Ad3h4h, big blind checks to me, I bet 6500, Dwan calls after thinking a bit, big blind folds.  Turn comes 7h and I lead out for 13,500 and after thinking for a while Dwan raises to about 29,500 and I immediately see the possible straight flush but I don't feel like I'm deep enough to fold and folding is probably pretty bad against someone like him anyway.  So anyway I shove for like 40k more and he snap calls and I know I'm screwed before I even see his hand.

Event 36, $2500 NLHE:  Late reg'd for this after busting the PLO, only lasted like a half hour, got it in with top pair against a set in what may very well have been an ambitious spot, but I mean we were only like 35bb deep at that point, hit 2 pair on the turn to pick up 4 outs but missed the river.

Event 37, $10k HORSE:  Ran really bad for the first 6 levels of this and my stack was below 15k at one point from the starting stack of 30k and it looked like I might be able to pull off the trifecta of bustouts for today, but then I picked up some hands including being rolled up on 2 consecutive hands in stud and winning pretty good pots on both hands.  Also had fun in a razz round where I went all 8 hands without looking at my hole cards on any of the hands, folding 6 of them because I had a big card and raising the other 2 and stealing the antes because it was folded to me with a small card.  Razz is such a silly game really.  Anyway I ended the day with 34k which is probably close to average.

$1500 NLHE at noon tomorrow and $2500 PLH/PLO at 5pm, will play either one depending on if/when I bust from the HORSE.

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