Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WSOP Day 23, My Shortest Day So Far

Event 37, $10k HORSE, Day 2:  My 34k stack was down to like 10k after playing the stud8 round, then I went on a rush in the holdem and omaha rounds to get back up to like 50k.  Had a really silly spot in the stud round where I accidentally raised when I meant to call and it cost me 6k although I did have a big draw anyway so it wasn't really a terrible raise but since my draw missed, obviously it was.  :)  Anyway got whittled down to like 15k then my last hand in stud I raise with (A6)6 2 diamonds, get called by a king, we get it all in by 5th when I have 66A84 with 4 diamonds and he has (Q8)K4Q, but I brick 6th and 7th and he wins with queens.  Kind of a weird spot for him to get involved with KQ8 with me raising first after the bringin and pretty obviously having a hand I'm not planning on folding since I only had 15k left at 2k/4k but whatever it's probably not terrible anyway.

Event 39, $2500 PLH/PLO:  Errrrrr.  Ummmmm.  2nd hand I'm the big blind, 2 limpers, button raises to 400 at 50/100, I call with 6643ddss, limpers call.  Flop comes Q86 wtih a diamond and a spade, check around to button who pots it, I repot it to basically go all in, first limper pretty much instantly goes all in which is a pretty bad sign for my hand since she should have an overset pretty often.  Button calls and limper has 88xx and button has KJT9 and it turns out both my backdoor flush draws are live at least.  Seems like a pretty unavoidable spot for me considering how the action played out.  Anyway board pairs and I make the lower full house to bust on the 2nd hand.

5k 6-max NLHE at noon tomorrow, I'll probably late register during the ante levels.

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