Monday, June 27, 2011

WSOP Day 27, Bubble Time

Event 44, $2500 Razz, Day 2:  Ran my stack up to like 80k at one point which was probably close to the chiplead, but then lost a few big pots as we neared the bubble.  With 44 left and 40 spots being paid I was down to about 20k playing 2500/5000 and called an early position raise with (74)2 with him having (xx)3.  My board ran out (74)2848(4) while his ran out (xx)3TAT(x) with me betting every street including the river.  He pretty much instacalled my river bet with an 87 and I was down to 1200 chips after that hand.  I'm not sure if he would have called if he just had a ten low but obviously that's what I was hoping for.  Then after the hand I look up at the board and see we're down to 41 players now, having lost 3 players in the minute or so it took to play that hand.  There's pretty much no way I would have played the hand in the first place if I had known we were down to 41 already but obviously with me thinking we're still 4 spots from the money I want to try to accumulate chips still.  Anyway next hand I get 953 and go with it since I'm basically all in anyway, end up making a jack low against a better jack low and bust out exactly on the bubble in 41st place.

$10k 6-max NLHE at noon tomorrow and $2500 omaha8/stud8 mix at 5pm.

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