Tuesday, June 14, 2011

WSOP Day 15

Event 24, $5k NLHE Shootout:  Had a ridiculously hard table with people like durrr, charder, Shannon Shorr, and Ashton Griffin, and really an entire table of people who are good players.  Somehow I chipped up from 15k to 40k in the first 4 hours without ever really winning a big pot, then I went really card dead when we were short  handed, and ended up heads up with a 135k to 15k chip deficit.  I won an all in with KJ vs AT when I hit a jack on the river, then I slowly chipped up to around 50k to his 100k.  With blinds 600/1200, we get it in preflop and I have 66 against his AQ, flop is ace high with 2 hearts, turn is a heart giving me a flush draw, but I blank the river to finish 2nd at my table.

Event 25, $1500 Stud8:  Busted just in time to register for this one, and I wish I hadn't.  Had a great table draw with people ready to gamble, but unfortunately I never dragged a single chip and busted within about 40 minutes.

$2500 NLHE 6-max tomorrow at noon and $10k limit holdem at 5pm if I bust that.

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