Tuesday, June 14, 2011

WSOP Day 14

Event 21, $10k Stud, Day 2:  Went into the day pretty shortstacked but hung around for a few hours with not many chips, and then after all that waiting I got my last chips in with 22A vs 555, not exactly the best spot.

Event 23, $2500 8-game:  Was really looking forward to this event.  Unfortunately it didn't go well.  I ran good in the limit games but in a NLHE hand I paid a guy off with pocket aces when he had a set, in a spot where I should probably lay it down but I paid him off for some reason.  After that pot I ran good in the limit games again, but then lost all of it in a big plo pot where I got about 1/5 of my stack in preflop with AAK9 with one suit, and got the rest in on the KT8 rainbow flop, and the other guy had T875.  Not much I can do there really, even against the hand he had I have about 36% equity, and I really think I could have gotten it in as a favorite a lot of the time since on the previous break I had heard him talking to his friends about how he was going to gamble it up in this tourney.

5k nlhe shootout at noon tomorrow, then 1500 stud8 at 5pm.

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