Sunday, June 5, 2011

WSOP Day 5

Event 7, $10k PLHE, Day 2:  Started the day with 41k at 500/1000 blinds.  First hand the big blind is sitting out, I'm on the button.  Cutoff raises to 2300, I call on the button with T8ss, small blind raises to 6500 and has me barely covered to start the hand, cutoff folds, I call in position.  Flop comes K42 with 2 spades.  Small blind leads for like 12k, I'm not crazy about the spot because it kind of seems like he likes his hand, but if he's even folding a very small % of the time then I pretty much have to shove since I have decent equity when called, so I shove and he calls with AJss which is pretty much my worst case scenario.  Jack comes on the turn and I'm drawing dead, busting on the first hand of the day.

Event 9, $1500 2/7 NL:  Not really much to say here, just ran like god all day, with all my good hands getting paid off and I don't think I got caught bluffing a single time.  Ended the day with 52,200 chips which according to PokerNews  is by far the chip lead; they have 2nd place with 33k chips right now.  But anything can happen in this game since there's so many big pots, but obviously I like my spot going into tomorrow.  We restart at 3pm with about 70 people left and 28 spots being paid.

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