Friday, June 10, 2011

WSOP Day 11

10k 2-7 NL, Day 2:  Ran really good, getting action on my good hands and got down to about 23 ppl left with 170k chips which was probably about average stack, with the tourney paying 14 spots.  I know probably like 5 of my readers at most even play 2-7 nl but I'll post the hand anyway.  Playing 2k/4k blinds, utg+1 opens for 12k (playing 6 handed), I call in cutoff with 7532x, bb reraises to 42k, utg+1 folds.  I figure he has a pat hand here almost always but I also thought he could be kind of weak and I have a really good draw and maybe some bluffing equity if I decide to do that since I still have like 120k behind.  So anyway I call and he stands pat and I draw a king.  He checks to me and I tank for like a minute and I just decide I can get him off his hand often enough because he has to know I have a strong draw and could easily have a nut hand here, so I go all in and he tanks for at least 2-3 minutes and I really thought he was going to fold, but unfortunately he finally called with a 98642.  Oh well.

1500 donkament tomorrow and 2500 limit holdem if I bust that.


  1. wow tough shot there. In hindsight, if you really were going to shove whether you hit or not, you might have been better off going preflop. It would be tough for him to imagine having the best hand there, and he also doesn't have the info of your draw, and even if you're called, you can always draw. Sucks to be out though, and gl with the rest of the WSOP

  2. ya i almost did that actually, in hindsight i agree that it was probably the better way to play it

  3. First congrats on that 2nd place, its nice to have a profit locked up this early into the WSOP, even if you brick the rest!!

    I think ur line is fine, if you shove pre it looks bluffier than if u play it the way you did. i think what you could have done different was bet 70k which i think was about 70% of the pot. If he is going to call 70, hes going to call 120 imo, and with that you still will have some chips to work with if, and when he does call. I dunno tho, Ive just played 2-7 a few times


  4. ya i agree with that too, i'm so conflicted :) if i had been at the table longer and ppl saw that i was capable of flatting the original raise with pat hands there then maybe i could get away with it but i had just been moved to the table and ya my hand would look like exactly what it was. that was pretty much what i was thinking when i decided to flat instead of shove predraw.

    nice feedback guys, thanks, didn't really expect much from a 2-7 nl hand

  5. Knowing nothing else, I prob woulda raised pre there, if youre not afraid to commit stack either way. but kinda surprised he check-called there postflop with a pat 98 actually.
    I'd guess that a good percentage of the 27NL field plays 27FL 99% of the time.
    I'd like to see how you do in the 10-game event with 2-7, badugi, etc. (First time for badugi at WSOP?)


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