Monday, June 20, 2011

WSOP Day 20

Event 33, $10k Stud8, Day 2:  blah blah lost every hand i played and busted in like 20 minutes, no fun.

Event 34, $1k NLHE:  Got my stack over 10k and actually made a dinner break finally in a noon event, but busted on the 2nd hand after dinner when i ran QQ into AK.

Hilarious hand from the $1k today, on the river David Bach bets all in for his last 800 or so into a pot that had at least 6k in it already, the board is AQ9J8 with no flush possibility, his opponent tanks for at least a minute and asks David "Do you have the ace?" while it looks like he's mulling over a call with a pretty weak hand, finally he calls and David flips over AJ obviously thinking he's going to win, and the other guy flips over QT for the straight.  It was pretty ambiguous as to whether he was intentionally trying to slowroll or was just really not very smart, but the whole hand was pretty funny.  Even David laughed at how silly the whole situation was as he was walking away.  If any pro did that they'd probably get scorned at the very least but really all you can do is laugh when an amateur does something like that.

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