Tuesday, June 7, 2011

WSOP Day 7

Event 10, $1500 NLHE 6-max:  Late registered for this at the 75/150 level, got my chips in with TT vs AK about 15 minutes after that and busted.

Event 11, $10k Omaha8:  Had a pretty good table draw and ran pretty good all day, except when I came back from dinner and blew my nose just as we were getting ready to resume play, and then my nose decided to start bleeding.  It took like 10 minutes to get it stopped and I had to go to the bathroom and miss some hands to take care of it, and there was blood on my shirt and shorts, obviously on the one day I wear a white shirt.  Luckily most of the blood came out pretty easily when I cleaned it in the bathroom so at least I didn't have to walk around for the last 4 hours of the day with an obviously bloody shirt.  Anyway, I ended the day with 52,300 chips which is a little above average, and we restart at 3pm.

I'll play the 3x chance NLHE if I bust before late registration is over for that, but that's probably pretty unlikely unless I run bad in the o8.

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