I first found poker during college while going to a local casino to play blackjack with friends, and was immediately intrigued and fascinated by the game.  I worked as a software engineer for a couple years during and after college but I was making more from playing poker than I was at my job so in 2001 I "retired" from programming to play poker full time.  I mostly played stud games but I also played some limit holdem, omaha, and triple draw. 

I did this for a few years but I started playing poker a lot more sparingly sometime in 2004 because I started to get into sports betting.  I did that for a few years but by 2007 it was getting a lot harder to do than it was in 2004. 

In mid 2007 my friend told me about the Supernova Elite program on PokerStars and I thought to myself, "I can do that", so I relearned sit n goes, which I had played sparingly in the past.  I've been a Supernova Elite every year since the inception of the Elite program, including accumulating over 3 million VPPs in 2008.  

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