Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Big Event Day 3

Lost JJ v AQ and 88 V AJ on consecutive hands, busto'd 4 spots from the money.

Get to hotel room, log into PokerStars to play a couple hours of Super Tuesday hypers, win back my main event buyin, ez game :)

10k bounty shootout starts on Thursday, with day 1A on Thursday and day 1B on Friday.  I won't know which one I'm playing until tomorrow but I'll put it up on Twitter when I find out.

Big Event Day 2

Quick update because I just got back from dinner with Victor Ramdin (who is honestly one of my favorite people in poker, just such a nice genuine person) and one of the tournament directors named Mark, and we split 2 bottles of wine between us and had a ton of seafood and steak, and now I'm really tired and ready to sleep up for tomorrow.

Anyway, I have about 133k chips now which should be just slightly below average, with 69 people left and 56 spots being paid, and we restart at noon tomorrow.

I can't remember any hands right now except that I busted nanonoko with JJ against his 88, which was pretty cool to be honest.  :)  I love nano but I have to admit it was fun to be the one to bust him.  Sorry nano!

Yeah ok time to hit the pillow and get some zzzz's, hopefully I have some rungood in store for myself tomorrow. Also good luck to Victor who is absolutely crushing with over a million chips and is by far the chip leader, and also my friend Ryan Hughes who has something like 230k.

Also I did a quick interview with my good friend Nichoel Jurgens on Live at the Bike tonight.  I don't have the link but I'm sure if you google Live at the Bike it can't be that hard to find.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

68-tabling hypers

I was just bored while playing satellites for the Sunday Mil today and since the games were going off like crazy due to the $5mil guarantee, I wanted to see how many tables of Sunday Mil hyperturbos I could get going while still being able to play somewhat well.  I got up around 55-60 a few times then right before the Sunday Mil started I really went for it and registered for everything, and got up to 68 at one point:

The screenshot doesn't show the last 10 or 15 tables because I couldn't make that window any bigger on my laptop.

It was probably kind of dumb to do this because I was misclicking a ton, although I don't think I ever timed out at a table.  Also I'm at the hotel in LA for the tournament and I don't have a backup computer if something were to happen.  But oh well, it worked out, and I made a little bit of money in the process.

Unfortunately I busted the actual Sunday Million tournament about 20 minutes into it in 48,711th place.  The tournament ended up getting nearly 60,000 entrants with a total prize pool of nearly $12 million and a first place prize of over $1.6 million plus a new Lamborghini Gallardo, which is all just so insane for a $215 buyin tournament.

I played day 1 of the Big Event at the Bike in LA yesterday and had a pretty good day, turning the starting stack of 30k into about 72k heading into day 2 tomorrow with the average stack at around 60k.

The most interesting hand of the day at least to me was towards the end of the day, blinds were 300/600 and 75 ante, it got folded around to the small blind who raised to 1600 and I called with 7h5d.  Flop came 872 all spades, he bet 2200 and I called.  Turn came J of clubs, and we both checked.  River was K of spades putting 4 spades on board, he bet 5k and I called pretty quickly, and my hand was good.  It's just one of those hands that looks kind of weird but when you think about it most people aren't value betting all that many hands and are going to be bluffing a lot on that river card.  The only thing that would have made me sick is if he flipped over something like 97 with no spade, but I didn't really think he'd be bluffing with a better hand very often, if at all.

Anyway we start again at noon tomorrow and I'll be updating on Twitter as usual.