Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Big Event Day 3

Lost JJ v AQ and 88 V AJ on consecutive hands, busto'd 4 spots from the money.

Get to hotel room, log into PokerStars to play a couple hours of Super Tuesday hypers, win back my main event buyin, ez game :)

10k bounty shootout starts on Thursday, with day 1A on Thursday and day 1B on Friday.  I won't know which one I'm playing until tomorrow but I'll put it up on Twitter when I find out.


  1. That's a nice upswing from game 170 to game 220! Easy game ... ;-)

  2. Hy, do you want to put our blog in your blog list?We already added your blog to our blog list. Thank you so much. Bye


  3. that graph just looks mad

    Are you aware of how bad you're doing in certain sessions?

    I couldnt cope with that, so sick.

  4. what stake were those hyper turbos?

  5. they were all $74 ones for the sunday million

  6. can u post a lifetime graph :D?

  7. Jorj I have one question: What you do with so many tickets for the Sunday Million? You can exchange them for dollars? I do not understand, lol. :D


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