Sunday, September 26, 2010

WCOOP Main Event Day

Event 60, $215 NLHE:  Registered late for this one and busted about 20 minutes after I registered with JJ vs AK.

Event 61, $10,300 8-game:  Felt like I was in a pretty good spot in the stud games at my table with a lot of the players being fairly passive.  Hung around slightly below the starting stack until I doubled up in NLHE about 4 hours in with AQ vs A2, but didn't do much after that and busted about an hour later.

Event 62, $5200 NLHE Main Event:  Ran my starting stack of 20k to around 35k in the first 3-4 hours, then lost about 15k chips all in preflop with 99 vs AK (ironically enough against a guy named something like 99NeverLoses), then lost QQ vs TT and KT vs AJ in the next 20 minutes or so to bust.

Overall a pretty disappointing WCOOP, had good stacks in a few events but couldn't get anything going late.

Was down another 30k in satellites today but ended up making a comeback in the last hour or 2 before the main event and ended up winning about 5k on the day in them.

Going to a cabin up by the Grand Canyon with the wife for a few days tomorrow, really looking forward to it, will be nice to just relax for a few days.

WCOOP Day 21

You guys get the quick update because I'm really tired, sorry.

Event 58, $530 Heads Up PLO:  Won my first 3 matches, then had about a 10:1 chip lead in the 4th one but couldn't hang on in a match that took forever.  Anyway, cashed for $986 in 39th place.

Event 59, $2100 HORSE:  Got down to to like 600 chips a few hours in, but then an hour later I had 30k, then an hour later I had 0.

Also lost about 30k playing satellites today after being up 25k at one point, hopefully it goes a little better tomorrow.  These $2k buyin satellites are pretty ridiculous but I definitely feel like I have an edge in them, but obviously short term variance of them only going twice a year (SCOOP and WCOOP) make it crucial to run good on those days.  Last year on WCOOP main event sats I won like 100k, we'll see how it goes tomorrow.

Friday, September 24, 2010

WCOOP Day 20

Event 55, $530 NLHE 1R1A:  In for $1530 total.  Just refer to what happened in event 53 yesterday, it was basically the exact same story.

Event 56, $1050 FLHE 6-max:  Crazy tournament.  Was down to 600 chips about 2 or 3 hours into the tourney, then about half an hour later I was up to 37k after hitting every hand I played.  Made it to the money with a somewhat short stack of around 20k but then ran really hot to get over 250k chips with 2 tables left, but lost a few hands including getting aces cracked in a huge pot where I folded the river, but there was just no way my hand was good with the way the hand played out, and I'm not generally one for making big laydowns.  Anyway I  busted a few minutes after that in 9th place for $8800.  Nice to finally get a decent cash and I ran really well to get as far as I did, but also frustrating to be so close to the final table and the big prizes, and not make it.  But I'm happy with how I played on pretty much every hand so no complaints.

Event 57, $215 NLO8:  Got a decent stack in a fairly big pot where I cracked aces with a crappy hand to make a flush, and had about 40k chips at one point, but then I got it in with AA39 with nut spades on a QJ4 2 spade flop and the other guy had QQ23, and I missed everything, and that brought me down to like 5k chips which was the starting stack.  We were close to the money so I folded a few hands to ensure the cash, then busted soon after the bubble burst in 142nd place for $371.52.

I will be hosting the final table for event 56 now, would have rather been playing at it but oh well.  Will be fun to see how it turns out, some very good players are left in the field.

Oh I also won the hyperturbo heads up tourney today for like $5600 so a pretty good day overall.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

WCOOP Day 19

Event 52, $320 NLHE Turbo:  Lasted about an hour in this one, don't remember how I busted.  Never had much more than the starting stack.

Event 53, $530+R NLHE:  In for $1530 total.  Ran really good during the rebuy period and after 2 hours I had about 40k chips, but couldn't get anything going after that and busted a couple hours later.

Event 54, $2100 PLO:  Felt like I had a good spot but ran bad the first hour and was down to about 2k from the starting stack of 7500, but then I doubled up 3 times in about 6 hands to get up to 18k.  Lost a few of the chips back then got it in in an unavoidable spot where I had KKxx and my opponent had AAxx and didn't hit anything.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

WCOOP Day 18

Event 49, $215 NLHE 1R1A:  In for $615 total.  Bought in at the end of late registration and rebought/added on to get to 15k.  Got down to 5k pretty quickly when I got it in with AK vs AQ and lost, but then I gradually chipped up and ended up cashing with about 40k.  Ran pretty good after getting in the money, winning all ins with QT vs AK and then AK vs KQ.  About an hour later I shoved the button with K9 and got called by the small blind with 77 and lost that flip, then the next time it was my button I got 55 and shoved and got called by the big blind with A8 and lost to bust in 106th place for $1205.76.

Event 50, $215 NLHE Big Antes:  Busted this one about 20 minutes into the tourney at 25/50 blinds, UTG made it 150, next to act calls, I make it 500 2 off the button with AA, next to act makes it about 1200, button calls 1200, folded to me, I ship for a little over 5k, both other guys call, and they have KK and QQ.  Unfortunately king on the flop and I bust.

Event 51, $320 PLO8:  Doubled up in the first hour in a pot where we got all in both having flush draws and low draws, and I ended up scooping the pot with AQ high and no low when the board paired twice.  Pretty uneventful after that, stayed around 5-10k for the next 5 hours or so then ran really good in the next hour or 2 including doubling up twice vs Barry Greenstein and also fading a freeroll he had on me, and I hit the money with about 60k chips which was about 1.5x average.  Hung in there for a while with a short stack and ended up busting in 52nd place for $1120.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

WCOOP Day 17

Event 46, $320 PLH/PLO:  Had a top stack in this for a while then lost a few hands, got it in with 55 vs 22 to double up to about half the average stack with about 20% of the field left, then the next hand I got AA and got it in vs kq on a queen high flop, king on the river, gg.

Event 47, $530 Stud8:  Lasted like 3 hours, nothing really to report.

Event 48, $1050 NLHE:  got it in blind vs blind about 3 hrs in with 33 and he had QQ.  I 3 bet his small blind minraise which he had done a couple times previously when folded to him, and he 4bet me and I shoved and he called.  May have been slightly overambitious but I'm happy with how I played it.

Monday, September 20, 2010

WCOOP Day 16

Event 43, $320+R PLO:  In for $920 total.  Ran really good for the first 4-5 hours and had a top 10 stack with about 1/3 of the field left, then lost a few chips and finally got in the last of my chips after calling a 3 bet preflop with JT97 double suited, flop came T42 with 2 diamonds (I had diamonds), opponent had AAxx, turn came an 8 giving me a ton of outs (any diamond or 6 7 9 T J Q) but it came a 4 on the river and I busted with about 20% of the field left.

Event 44, $320 NLHE 2x Chance:  In for only the initial $320.  Too tired to remember specific hands right now but had a big stack for most of this tourney and cruised into the money with an above average stack.  Went card dead for an hour or so and finally shoved 75k at 2500/5000 blinds with ATo and got called by the small blind with A6o, board came 25K36 and I bust in 52nd place for $1837.50.  Would have had a great shot if I could hold on that hand, would have had average stack with 52 people left with $120k for first, but oh well that's how it goes.

Event 45, $265 NLHE Turbo Knockout:  Never got much higher than the starting stack and busted about an hour in with a6 vs 55 all in preflop. Had no bounties.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

WCOOP Day 15

Event 41, $215 NLHE: Stayed slighty above the starting stack for the first 2 hours, then got in a big pot after I called a raise from the small blind in a 4 way pot with 75hh, flop came KQ5 with 2 hearts, turn came a heart and I ended up getting it in but the other guy had JThh.  Maybe I can get away from it but I'm not good at folding flushes when 80bb deep.

Event 42, $1050 NLHE:  About 10 minutes into the tourney I get T9o on the button, raise to 100 at 25/50, sb raises to 300, I call.  Flop comes K87 with 2 spades, he bets like 450 I call, turn is a K, he bets like 900 I call, river is 2 of spades, he bets 2k, and I raise to about 5500 because I can easily represent the flush here and it's a pretty hard call for him with anything less than a flush, and he could easily have been value betting thin or just bluffing with a better hand.  So anyway he tanks for about 2 minutes and finally calls with AK.  I still like my play but perhaps I should have bet bigger, I don't know.  Not much happened after that, I lasted about 2 hours and finally got it in with AK vs 88 and lost.

Pretty frustrating week, had decent results the first week but haven't cashed at all in the last 7 days.  I kind of miss SCOOP because it has more variety, as in $1k+ small field tourneys every day so a final table/bracelet feels within reach anytime I played one of these, plus micro buyin mega fields for fun...also having 9 tourneys on most days is really fun.  WCOOP on the other hand is mostly $200-$500 buyin every day and all fairly big fields and only 2-3 tourneys each day.  I mean part of this is probably just me being annoyed at having crappy results so far, I don't know.  Hopefully I can run a little better the last week (I can't possibly run worse anyway).

Saturday, September 18, 2010

WCOOP Day 14

Event 38, $530 NLHE Heads Up:  Got kind of a bad beat in this one because when the tables opened it looked like I was going to get a first round bye, but then I got an opponent literally 5 seconds before registration closed and the tourney started.  Got out to an early 10k to 5k lead when I called a river checkraise with 2nd pair in a spot where his line didn't really make sense with many value hands, and it was good, but after that it was all downhill and I ended up losing every big pot after that.  I looked at one point right before I busted and I was 4 for 16 in showdowns at that point...hard to win a heads up match with stats like that.

Event 40, $320 HORSE:  Got up to over triple the starting stack at the 3 hour mark but then lost a few hands and busted (broken record I know).

Friday, September 17, 2010

WCOOP Day 13

Event 35, $215+R NLHE:  In for $615 total, never got much going busted an hour or 2 after the rebuy period.

Event 36, $530 Omaha8:  Got to a peak of slightly over double the starting stack a few hours in but ran bad once the limits got higher.

Event 37, $320 NLHE:  Lost most of my chips with KK vs AA about a half hour into the tourney, then lost the rest on the next hand with AT vs AK.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

WCOOP Day 12

Event 32, $320 NLHE 6-max:  Never had more than double the starting stack in this one and busted with about 1/4 of the field left.

Event 33, $320 PLO 1R1A:  In for $920 total.  Played great in this one.  Kept stealing pots and getting value in great spots.  Had a top 20 stack with 200 people left but then lost 3 all ins where I had about 80% equity on each one and busted around 140th with only 102 spots paying.

Event 34, $320 Triple draw:  Probably my best game, but never got much of anything going in this and busted in about 3 hours.

Going see Norm MacDonald at Improv tonight so at least something good came out of busting early.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WCOOP Day 11

Event 29, $265 NLO8:  Got it in with nut low draw and nut flush draw vs trips, and hit the flush to double up in the first hour.  Soon after I got it in with A2J4 vs A25x on a 34J flop and busted him when he missed his draw.  Don't really remember what happened after this but I last a couple more hours before busting.

Event 30, $530 NLHE Shootout:  Won a race early on with QQ vs AK to double up.  Kept chipping up until we got 3 handed and I had almost half the chips at one point after just stealing tons of pots, but then 3 handed I lost basically every big pot I played and ended up busting 3rd at my table.

Event 31, $320 8-game:  Chipped up from 5k to about 22k at one point but then lost a few hands as the limits went up and busted with about 20% of the field left.

Tomorrow's my birthday so maybe there's some birthday luck in store for me.  :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

WCOOP Day 10

Event 26, $320 Mixed Holdem:  Ran really good at the beginning, winning a few big NLHE pots and getting my starting stack of 5k up to around 25k at one point, but then lost a few big hands in limit holdem as the blinds got bigger and busted with about 20% of the field left.

Event 27, $320 Badugi:  Never got much going in this one, busted in 2 or 3 hours.

Event 28, $1050 NLHE:  Won a decent pot with A9 on a 9 high board to get me above 10k, then lost a race vs Joe CAda with JJ vs AK to go down to 5k, then won a hand soon after vs Joe again with KK vs AQ to get back above 10k.  Lost a couple smaller pots to get to around 6k, then 100/200 blinds, button opens for 555, I ship with JTs, he calls with 66 and I miss.

Monday, September 13, 2010


Event 23, $215 NLHE 4-max:  Busted on about the 10th hand when I got it in with KK vs 99 on a K99 flop.

Event 24, $320 Stud:  Doubled my stack in the first couple hours, then ran bad in the third hour and busted.

Event 25, $215 PLO 1R1A turbo:  In for $615 total.  Won pretty much every hand I played until we reached the money, being chip leader at one point right before we reached the money.  Didn't get much going after that and lost a couple hands after we were in the money, and finished in 42nd place for $1594.24.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Event 21, $215 NLHE:  Can't even remember how I busted but I know I didn't last more than a couple hours.

Event 22, $530 NLHE:  Had around the starting stack for the first 4 hours then got it in with JJ vs QQ and lost.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Event 19, $109 NLHE:  Late registered for this one and busted on about the 4th hand when I got it in with JT vs QQ.

Skipping event 20 because it's not an event I really want to play all that badly anyway, and I could use a day off.  Back to work tomorrow!

Friday, September 10, 2010


Event 16, $215 PLO 6-max:  Had a top 20 stack with about 1/3 of the field remaining, but then lost a few pots and hung around for a while, ended up cashing in 173rd place for $575.

Event 17, $215 NL Single Draw:  Lasted about an hour in this one, got it all in with a smooth 8 draw in in the big blind after the small blind raised, he had a pat 9, and I didn't hit.

Event 18, $109 8-game:  Only won like 2 hands in this one and busted in the first hour.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Event 13, $215 PLO8 1R1A:  In for $615 total.  Had a pretty good stack for a while but then a couple missed draws and an ill-timed bluff had me on a short stack with about 20% of the field left.  Bustout hand was at 600/1200, I had about 25k, minraised 2 from the button with ak63, button flats, blinds fold.  Flop 987 rainbow, check check, turn offsuit K, check check, river 3, I bet 4800 I think and he put me all in and I called and he had AK82 for a better kings up and a better low.  I figured I'd be chopping here pretty much all the time but oh well.

Event 14, $265 NLHE 6-max Knockout:  Got it in with AK vs JJ in the first hour and busted.

Event 15, $215 Razz:  Ran really well in this one for the first 6 hours or so and was in the top 10 in chips with about 200 people left, but then had a really bad hour where I lost every hand I played and barely hung on to cash in 125th place (out of 128 spots paid) for $450.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Event 10, $265 PLO Knockout:  Busted about half hour into the tourney when I got it in with 7542 vs AK73 on a 775 flop, ace on turn.

Event 11, $320 NLHE Ante-Up:  Love the structure of this tourney as I've mentioned before.  Didn't last very long though.  Frustrating tourney to bust out of quickly because like 90% of the field plays terribly in this format.

Event 12, $215 Heads-Up NLHE:  Won my first match about half hour in when we got it in with 66 vs 44 and I held.  Second match I got it in with 99 vs QQ about 5 minutes into the match and lost most of my chips, then lost the rest with A8 vs KQ.

Chopped the 2nd chance ante up tourney when it was 3 handed for $15,000, nice to get a somewhat decent score to break the losing steak I've been on since WSOP.  Hopefully I have a bigger one in the future.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Event 7, $215 PL Draw:  Busto, nothing really eventful.  Fun game to play though.

Event 8, $215 Triple Stud:  Had a decent stack in this one a few hours in but then ran bad for a half hour or so and busted.

Event 9, $1050 NLHE:  Got the 7500 starting stack to around 12k about 5 hours into the tourney when I got it in with QQ vs JJ and lost.

I'll be hosting the Triple Stud final table tonight so I was hoping I'd still be in something so it'd make it easier to stay awake, but now I guess I just have to wait.  :)  Early start tomorrow with the first event at 9am, I may have to late register although I'll probably get up on time anyway, we'll see.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Event 4, $320 PLO:  Doubled up early with aces vs kings but then didn't get much going after that and busted about 3-4 hours into the tourney.

Event 5, $320 NLHE 6-max Shootout:  Had over half the chips at my table at one point, but then flopped a flush and ran into a bigger flush and lost most of my stack, and busted soon after.

Event 6, $215+R NLHE Turbo:  Ran kind of bad during the rebuy period and ended up being in for $1415 after accounting for rebuys/addons.  Ran really good after the rebuy period though and ended up being chip leader with about 40 people left, then lost 4 or 5 hands in a row after that with the last one being A8 vs 66 on a KT8A6 board to bust in 26th place for $5087.16.  Frustrating to have that great of an opportunity to win 200k and only end up with 5k, but oh well, 3 more weeks of WCOOP.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Event 1, $215 6-max NLHE:  Got up to 30k from the starting stack of 10k a few hours in, the biggest hand being JJ vs J2 all in pre.  Unfortunately a few mintues after this hand I got it in with JJ vs AA and busted.

Event 2, $10,300 NLHE:  Hung around 15-18k from the starting stack of 10k until about 5 hours in, when I tried a 3 barrel bluff with 9 high and unfortunately he had the nuts, so that brought me down to 4k or so, then I got it in with 44 (I think?) and my opponent had TT and I busted.

Event 3, $215 NLHE:  Got the 10k starting stack up to around 115k, the biggest hand being a 3 way all in where I had AA and another guy had KK.  Soon after that I got it in with TT vs KK and that brought me down to about 40k and we were nearing the $.  I didn't really get any playable hands and blinded off to around 28k when we hit the $.  About 20 minutes after the bubble burst I shoved with KT and got called by KJ and lost, cashing for $410.24.

Also lost 25k today playing satellites for the 10k, but I was down over 50k at one point, so it's almost like a win