Sunday, September 26, 2010

WCOOP Day 21

You guys get the quick update because I'm really tired, sorry.

Event 58, $530 Heads Up PLO:  Won my first 3 matches, then had about a 10:1 chip lead in the 4th one but couldn't hang on in a match that took forever.  Anyway, cashed for $986 in 39th place.

Event 59, $2100 HORSE:  Got down to to like 600 chips a few hours in, but then an hour later I had 30k, then an hour later I had 0.

Also lost about 30k playing satellites today after being up 25k at one point, hopefully it goes a little better tomorrow.  These $2k buyin satellites are pretty ridiculous but I definitely feel like I have an edge in them, but obviously short term variance of them only going twice a year (SCOOP and WCOOP) make it crucial to run good on those days.  Last year on WCOOP main event sats I won like 100k, we'll see how it goes tomorrow.


  1. Apparently lFreezer lost 70k on the last WCOOP weekend, partly from those 2ks, I think.



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