Monday, September 6, 2010


Event 4, $320 PLO:  Doubled up early with aces vs kings but then didn't get much going after that and busted about 3-4 hours into the tourney.

Event 5, $320 NLHE 6-max Shootout:  Had over half the chips at my table at one point, but then flopped a flush and ran into a bigger flush and lost most of my stack, and busted soon after.

Event 6, $215+R NLHE Turbo:  Ran kind of bad during the rebuy period and ended up being in for $1415 after accounting for rebuys/addons.  Ran really good after the rebuy period though and ended up being chip leader with about 40 people left, then lost 4 or 5 hands in a row after that with the last one being A8 vs 66 on a KT8A6 board to bust in 26th place for $5087.16.  Frustrating to have that great of an opportunity to win 200k and only end up with 5k, but oh well, 3 more weeks of WCOOP.

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  1. Like my friend very good performance in that tournament as I was following and if it is frustrating to have almost 200k closely with the person to stop collecting just 26 5k, I hope you fence a lot better today, it is more you are one of the best players online and always I play, I'm right now a very low level player I q micros because in my country is dificl make a deposit at PokerStars, and I repeat lucky to be the champion of the WCOOP


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