Thursday, September 16, 2010

WCOOP Day 12

Event 32, $320 NLHE 6-max:  Never had more than double the starting stack in this one and busted with about 1/4 of the field left.

Event 33, $320 PLO 1R1A:  In for $920 total.  Played great in this one.  Kept stealing pots and getting value in great spots.  Had a top 20 stack with 200 people left but then lost 3 all ins where I had about 80% equity on each one and busted around 140th with only 102 spots paying.

Event 34, $320 Triple draw:  Probably my best game, but never got much of anything going in this and busted in about 3 hours.

Going see Norm MacDonald at Improv tonight so at least something good came out of busting early.

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