Thursday, September 9, 2010


Event 13, $215 PLO8 1R1A:  In for $615 total.  Had a pretty good stack for a while but then a couple missed draws and an ill-timed bluff had me on a short stack with about 20% of the field left.  Bustout hand was at 600/1200, I had about 25k, minraised 2 from the button with ak63, button flats, blinds fold.  Flop 987 rainbow, check check, turn offsuit K, check check, river 3, I bet 4800 I think and he put me all in and I called and he had AK82 for a better kings up and a better low.  I figured I'd be chopping here pretty much all the time but oh well.

Event 14, $265 NLHE 6-max Knockout:  Got it in with AK vs JJ in the first hour and busted.

Event 15, $215 Razz:  Ran really well in this one for the first 6 hours or so and was in the top 10 in chips with about 200 people left, but then had a really bad hour where I lost every hand I played and barely hung on to cash in 125th place (out of 128 spots paid) for $450.

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