Monday, September 20, 2010

WCOOP Day 16

Event 43, $320+R PLO:  In for $920 total.  Ran really good for the first 4-5 hours and had a top 10 stack with about 1/3 of the field left, then lost a few chips and finally got in the last of my chips after calling a 3 bet preflop with JT97 double suited, flop came T42 with 2 diamonds (I had diamonds), opponent had AAxx, turn came an 8 giving me a ton of outs (any diamond or 6 7 9 T J Q) but it came a 4 on the river and I busted with about 20% of the field left.

Event 44, $320 NLHE 2x Chance:  In for only the initial $320.  Too tired to remember specific hands right now but had a big stack for most of this tourney and cruised into the money with an above average stack.  Went card dead for an hour or so and finally shoved 75k at 2500/5000 blinds with ATo and got called by the small blind with A6o, board came 25K36 and I bust in 52nd place for $1837.50.  Would have had a great shot if I could hold on that hand, would have had average stack with 52 people left with $120k for first, but oh well that's how it goes.

Event 45, $265 NLHE Turbo Knockout:  Never got much higher than the starting stack and busted about an hour in with a6 vs 55 all in preflop. Had no bounties.

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