Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Event 7, $215 PL Draw:  Busto, nothing really eventful.  Fun game to play though.

Event 8, $215 Triple Stud:  Had a decent stack in this one a few hours in but then ran bad for a half hour or so and busted.

Event 9, $1050 NLHE:  Got the 7500 starting stack to around 12k about 5 hours into the tourney when I got it in with QQ vs JJ and lost.

I'll be hosting the Triple Stud final table tonight so I was hoping I'd still be in something so it'd make it easier to stay awake, but now I guess I just have to wait.  :)  Early start tomorrow with the first event at 9am, I may have to late register although I'll probably get up on time anyway, we'll see.

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