Sunday, September 5, 2010


Event 1, $215 6-max NLHE:  Got up to 30k from the starting stack of 10k a few hours in, the biggest hand being JJ vs J2 all in pre.  Unfortunately a few mintues after this hand I got it in with JJ vs AA and busted.

Event 2, $10,300 NLHE:  Hung around 15-18k from the starting stack of 10k until about 5 hours in, when I tried a 3 barrel bluff with 9 high and unfortunately he had the nuts, so that brought me down to 4k or so, then I got it in with 44 (I think?) and my opponent had TT and I busted.

Event 3, $215 NLHE:  Got the 10k starting stack up to around 115k, the biggest hand being a 3 way all in where I had AA and another guy had KK.  Soon after that I got it in with TT vs KK and that brought me down to about 40k and we were nearing the $.  I didn't really get any playable hands and blinded off to around 28k when we hit the $.  About 20 minutes after the bubble burst I shoved with KT and got called by KJ and lost, cashing for $410.24.

Also lost 25k today playing satellites for the 10k, but I was down over 50k at one point, so it's almost like a win

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