Friday, September 24, 2010

WCOOP Day 20

Event 55, $530 NLHE 1R1A:  In for $1530 total.  Just refer to what happened in event 53 yesterday, it was basically the exact same story.

Event 56, $1050 FLHE 6-max:  Crazy tournament.  Was down to 600 chips about 2 or 3 hours into the tourney, then about half an hour later I was up to 37k after hitting every hand I played.  Made it to the money with a somewhat short stack of around 20k but then ran really hot to get over 250k chips with 2 tables left, but lost a few hands including getting aces cracked in a huge pot where I folded the river, but there was just no way my hand was good with the way the hand played out, and I'm not generally one for making big laydowns.  Anyway I  busted a few minutes after that in 9th place for $8800.  Nice to finally get a decent cash and I ran really well to get as far as I did, but also frustrating to be so close to the final table and the big prizes, and not make it.  But I'm happy with how I played on pretty much every hand so no complaints.

Event 57, $215 NLO8:  Got a decent stack in a fairly big pot where I cracked aces with a crappy hand to make a flush, and had about 40k chips at one point, but then I got it in with AA39 with nut spades on a QJ4 2 spade flop and the other guy had QQ23, and I missed everything, and that brought me down to like 5k chips which was the starting stack.  We were close to the money so I folded a few hands to ensure the cash, then busted soon after the bubble burst in 142nd place for $371.52.

I will be hosting the final table for event 56 now, would have rather been playing at it but oh well.  Will be fun to see how it turns out, some very good players are left in the field.

Oh I also won the hyperturbo heads up tourney today for like $5600 so a pretty good day overall.

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