Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WCOOP Day 11

Event 29, $265 NLO8:  Got it in with nut low draw and nut flush draw vs trips, and hit the flush to double up in the first hour.  Soon after I got it in with A2J4 vs A25x on a 34J flop and busted him when he missed his draw.  Don't really remember what happened after this but I last a couple more hours before busting.

Event 30, $530 NLHE Shootout:  Won a race early on with QQ vs AK to double up.  Kept chipping up until we got 3 handed and I had almost half the chips at one point after just stealing tons of pots, but then 3 handed I lost basically every big pot I played and ended up busting 3rd at my table.

Event 31, $320 8-game:  Chipped up from 5k to about 22k at one point but then lost a few hands as the limits went up and busted with about 20% of the field left.

Tomorrow's my birthday so maybe there's some birthday luck in store for me.  :)


  1. im guessing your not going for player of the wcoop

  2. well i'm going for it, not very successfully so far though

  3. happy birthday! all the best in wcoop!


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