Tuesday, September 21, 2010

WCOOP Day 17

Event 46, $320 PLH/PLO:  Had a top stack in this for a while then lost a few hands, got it in with 55 vs 22 to double up to about half the average stack with about 20% of the field left, then the next hand I got AA and got it in vs kq on a queen high flop, king on the river, gg.

Event 47, $530 Stud8:  Lasted like 3 hours, nothing really to report.

Event 48, $1050 NLHE:  got it in blind vs blind about 3 hrs in with 33 and he had QQ.  I 3 bet his small blind minraise which he had done a couple times previously when folded to him, and he 4bet me and I shoved and he called.  May have been slightly overambitious but I'm happy with how I played it.


  1. i know you were the first supernova this year, whats your yearly vpp up to now, and are u still considering getting the car

  2. You mention Ante-up structure. I inadvetantly signed up for one a few nights ago and had no idea how to adjust. What are your basic thoughts?

  3. @bungbert I'm at like 1.83 mil vpp and there's a good chance I'll be getting the car in the next few months. I'm just not sure which Porsche I want.

    @Brian re the ante up: just don't ever fold for 5 chips when the ante is big. it was pretty amazing how many times i'd limp with garbage for 5 chips then win a 10k pot when it was either a good spot to bluff or i'd flop 2 pair or whatever.


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