Thursday, September 23, 2010

WCOOP Day 19

Event 52, $320 NLHE Turbo:  Lasted about an hour in this one, don't remember how I busted.  Never had much more than the starting stack.

Event 53, $530+R NLHE:  In for $1530 total.  Ran really good during the rebuy period and after 2 hours I had about 40k chips, but couldn't get anything going after that and busted a couple hours later.

Event 54, $2100 PLO:  Felt like I had a good spot but ran bad the first hour and was down to about 2k from the starting stack of 7500, but then I doubled up 3 times in about 6 hands to get up to 18k.  Lost a few of the chips back then got it in in an unavoidable spot where I had KKxx and my opponent had AAxx and didn't hit anything.

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