Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Event 10, $265 PLO Knockout:  Busted about half hour into the tourney when I got it in with 7542 vs AK73 on a 775 flop, ace on turn.

Event 11, $320 NLHE Ante-Up:  Love the structure of this tourney as I've mentioned before.  Didn't last very long though.  Frustrating tourney to bust out of quickly because like 90% of the field plays terribly in this format.

Event 12, $215 Heads-Up NLHE:  Won my first match about half hour in when we got it in with 66 vs 44 and I held.  Second match I got it in with 99 vs QQ about 5 minutes into the match and lost most of my chips, then lost the rest with A8 vs KQ.

Chopped the 2nd chance ante up tourney when it was 3 handed for $15,000, nice to get a somewhat decent score to break the losing steak I've been on since WSOP.  Hopefully I have a bigger one in the future.

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