Saturday, September 18, 2010

WCOOP Day 14

Event 38, $530 NLHE Heads Up:  Got kind of a bad beat in this one because when the tables opened it looked like I was going to get a first round bye, but then I got an opponent literally 5 seconds before registration closed and the tourney started.  Got out to an early 10k to 5k lead when I called a river checkraise with 2nd pair in a spot where his line didn't really make sense with many value hands, and it was good, but after that it was all downhill and I ended up losing every big pot after that.  I looked at one point right before I busted and I was 4 for 16 in showdowns at that point...hard to win a heads up match with stats like that.

Event 40, $320 HORSE:  Got up to over triple the starting stack at the 3 hour mark but then lost a few hands and busted (broken record I know).


  1. I know you play all your events to win the big prizes....but is that so hard to do an ITM ?

    It seems you need to review your goals because this way....instead of being even or close, you're loosing a lot.

  2. I play to maximize my value...sometimes that involves going for a small cash if necessary, but most of the money in tournaments is in the top few spots, and one big hit can make up for a lot of near misses.

    I refuse to just blind off some chips to secure an ITM if it costs me value in the tournament. The play near the bubble gives so much value because many other people play so tight to try to just mincash, but sometimes it doesn't work so well when I get in a big pot an lose.

    Besides I do have 5 cashes in 38 events played so far, which is above 13% cash rate. Not that this number really means anything, but it's not like I'm cashing at some abnormally low rate.

  3. Ok. Fair enough

    Good luck for the other WCOOP events


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