Wednesday, September 22, 2010

WCOOP Day 18

Event 49, $215 NLHE 1R1A:  In for $615 total.  Bought in at the end of late registration and rebought/added on to get to 15k.  Got down to 5k pretty quickly when I got it in with AK vs AQ and lost, but then I gradually chipped up and ended up cashing with about 40k.  Ran pretty good after getting in the money, winning all ins with QT vs AK and then AK vs KQ.  About an hour later I shoved the button with K9 and got called by the small blind with 77 and lost that flip, then the next time it was my button I got 55 and shoved and got called by the big blind with A8 and lost to bust in 106th place for $1205.76.

Event 50, $215 NLHE Big Antes:  Busted this one about 20 minutes into the tourney at 25/50 blinds, UTG made it 150, next to act calls, I make it 500 2 off the button with AA, next to act makes it about 1200, button calls 1200, folded to me, I ship for a little over 5k, both other guys call, and they have KK and QQ.  Unfortunately king on the flop and I bust.

Event 51, $320 PLO8:  Doubled up in the first hour in a pot where we got all in both having flush draws and low draws, and I ended up scooping the pot with AQ high and no low when the board paired twice.  Pretty uneventful after that, stayed around 5-10k for the next 5 hours or so then ran really good in the next hour or 2 including doubling up twice vs Barry Greenstein and also fading a freeroll he had on me, and I hit the money with about 60k chips which was about 1.5x average.  Hung in there for a while with a short stack and ended up busting in 52nd place for $1120.

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