Sunday, September 19, 2010

WCOOP Day 15

Event 41, $215 NLHE: Stayed slighty above the starting stack for the first 2 hours, then got in a big pot after I called a raise from the small blind in a 4 way pot with 75hh, flop came KQ5 with 2 hearts, turn came a heart and I ended up getting it in but the other guy had JThh.  Maybe I can get away from it but I'm not good at folding flushes when 80bb deep.

Event 42, $1050 NLHE:  About 10 minutes into the tourney I get T9o on the button, raise to 100 at 25/50, sb raises to 300, I call.  Flop comes K87 with 2 spades, he bets like 450 I call, turn is a K, he bets like 900 I call, river is 2 of spades, he bets 2k, and I raise to about 5500 because I can easily represent the flush here and it's a pretty hard call for him with anything less than a flush, and he could easily have been value betting thin or just bluffing with a better hand.  So anyway he tanks for about 2 minutes and finally calls with AK.  I still like my play but perhaps I should have bet bigger, I don't know.  Not much happened after that, I lasted about 2 hours and finally got it in with AK vs 88 and lost.

Pretty frustrating week, had decent results the first week but haven't cashed at all in the last 7 days.  I kind of miss SCOOP because it has more variety, as in $1k+ small field tourneys every day so a final table/bracelet feels within reach anytime I played one of these, plus micro buyin mega fields for fun...also having 9 tourneys on most days is really fun.  WCOOP on the other hand is mostly $200-$500 buyin every day and all fairly big fields and only 2-3 tourneys each day.  I mean part of this is probably just me being annoyed at having crappy results so far, I don't know.  Hopefully I can run a little better the last week (I can't possibly run worse anyway).

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