Thursday, June 16, 2011

WSOP Day 16

Event 26, $2500 6-max NLHE:  Busted pretty quickly in this one, called a guy down with JJ on a KKxxx board, thought he could be bluffing, he wasn't.

Event 27, $10k Limit Holdem:  Ran really good in the first 4 levels, picking up tons of big pairs and a few sets and I turned 30k into 58k by dinner which was probably one of the top stacks.  After dinner was a different story, I doubt I won more than like 3 pots in the next 4 hours and busted with about 15 minutes left in the day.

$1500 NLHE at noon but I might skip this to make sure I can play the $2500 10-game at 5pm, not sure yet, I'll see how I'm feeling tomorrow.

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