Thursday, June 23, 2011

WSOP Day 24, Even Shorter Day

Event 40, $5k NLHE 6-max:  Registered before the first ante level, about 20 minutes in I lost half my stack with A4 vs Q6 on a 44766 board where I checked the flop, bet the turn, then puke-called on the river when he bet full pot.  If I was any good maybe I can find a fold there on the river but I'm not much for making hero folds.  Maybe 10 minutes later cutoff raises to 450, small blind calls, I ship about 6k with 98c because I know cutoff can be pretty wide and small blind probably almost never has a hand he can call with, anyway opener has JJ and I lose.

$1500 Limit holdem shootout at noon and $10k PLO at 5pm tomorrow.

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