Thursday, June 30, 2011

WSOP Day 30

Event 50k, $5k NLHE: Late registered and had about the starting stack when I went to dinner break where the waiter spilled Coke all over me. Luckily it didn't really show once it dried and even more luckily I was at a decent restaurant and hadn't ordered yet and the manager came over and said they'd comp my meal. So I played it like any good poker player would and ordered the shrimp cocktail with the filet mignon and the lobster tail. It was quite tasty but it was even tastier since it was free. After dinner I got back to the poker but not for very long. Bustout hand I had 12k or so at 200/400, I raise utg to 850 with KK, person 2 spots behind me calls, big blind calls. Flop comes J97 with 2 clubs, bb checks, I can tell that the cold caller likes the flop so I check intending to checkraise him. Cold caller bets a little over 2k, the big blind checkraises to like 5k. I'm not crazy about my hand at this point but I'm pretty sure I can't fold, so I go all in for my last 11k or so. Cold caller pretty much snap shoves for like 35k and big blind tanks for a few seconds but finally calls.  Cold caller has QQ and big blind has 77, board runs out with blanks and the 77 wins and I bust. Kind of an annoying hand in that if the QQ 3-bets preflop then almost certainly the 77 folds and we get it in and I double up, but oh well.

I also played the $2250 mega-satellite for the $50k 8-game, I only made it thru 6 of the games before I busted. Was the first satellite I've played at the WSOP in probably 4 years.

I remember back in the early 2000s I would go to the WSOP for a week or 2 every year and just grind the single-table satellites and mega satellites and occasionally some cash games, and I barely played any of the actual events. I think from 2001-2006 I played maybe like 5 events total and didn't go even remotely deep in any of them. 2007 was the first year that I really started playing events, I think I played like 15 that year, and then have played between 35 and 40 each year since 2008. I'm not sure why but back then the actual events just didn't interest me at all back then, and now I can't really get motivated to play anything but the actual events. It's really is a different culture now though at the WSOP. The events didn't hold near the prestige back then that they do now, and obviously the prize pools were way smaller.

Got $1500 PLO8 at noon tomorrow which is a great value event, and then $2500 Mixed Holdem at 5pm.

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  1. Free meals for the win! (and abbreviations are for the lazy). Just wanted to quickly say thanks for doing the blog updates. I know it's a ridiculous grind out there, but this is a great way for thus of us sweating you long distance to keep up on how things are going on and off the table. Especially since I'm technologically challenged, and every time I try and search for the few updates you get included in on Poker News, I wind up with every reference they make to the word "bLIND"...which it turns out in poker is quite a few. :)


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