Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WSOP Day 8

Event 11, $10k Omaha8, Day 2:  Ran really good for the first half of the day, getting my stack close to 200k at one point which was in the top 5 in chips shortly after dinner.  Then I went really card dead as we neared the money and I basically folded almost every hand and lost most of the time that I did enter, and as the bubble finally burst with 27 players left I was down to 52k chips.  After the bubble I didn't get a hand for a round and was down to 27k when I got it in in a 3 way pot and made a full house to triple up, then shortly after I got it in in a blind vs blind spot where we both had the same aces up on the turn but I rivered a straight to double up again to about 170k.  Didn't play any big pots after that and ended the day with 168k which is 14th in chips with 22 people left.  We restart at 3pm.

Gonna go rest up now, I have a nasty cold and had another minor nosebleed today at the table, luckily this one wasn't very bad and I don't think anyone noticed.  I swear there's something in the air here in Vegas that doesn't agree with me because every year I come here I get sick in the first week or 2 and I rarely ever get sick anywhere else.  I would blame it on the dry air here but I think the air is just as dry in Phoenix...who knows.


  1. Feel better mang, and go final table a major event. All the cool kids have done it.

  2. Just checking chip counts and saw you in the final 5. GL. TID.

  3. ... now with chip lead. Way to go! Bracelet coming soon obv. Was just about to go to bed when I started this sweat unfortunately. :)

  4. Very well deserved as far as I have understood your ability as a player. Especially after the black friday I guess a top3-finish will give you some more time to decide about the future.

    Now go for the bracelet!


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