Friday, June 10, 2011

WSOP Day 10, Sooooo Close to a Bracelet

So yeah like I'm sure most of you know I finished 2nd place in the 10k o8 event for $287k.  Thanks so much to everyone who showed up to support me, and everyone who was watching online, it was so much fun having so many people in my corner rooting for me.  Hopefully I get another shot at bringing home the gold this year, but I'm completely happy with how I played the final table, so I'm not disappointed at all.  I lost a few key pots, any of which easily could have won the tourney for me, but it's pretty hard to be upset about getting 2nd place considering with about 25 people left I was last in chips and actually had less chips than at the start of the tourney.  On the other hand obviously it's hard to be that close and not be able to finish it, but I'm sure I'll get another opportunity sometime in the future.

It definitely feels good to get that WSOP monkey off my back though, since I've played somewhere between 150 and 200 WSOP tourneys in my life and never even made a final table before.

So anyway after busting I entered the 10k 2-7 NL tourney (event 16) and I made day 2 with 43,800 chips...maybe that will be my next chance?  Who knows...stay tuned to find out!


  1. sorry i wrote all this last night actually but i forgot to hit the submit button, then i wake up and the text is just sitting here waiting to be submitted :)

  2. Great job!

    Cooper is definately helping, just wait until he gets a few more days under his belt and you will get the gold ;)

  3. Thanks for the update jorj glgl

  4. So awesome watching online. Congrats on the score. FYI, the guy had a tell. He would cover his mouth with his hand bone facing you when he nutted. When he wasn't nutted he he would cover his mouth with his index over his lips and pink facing towards you. Gl. Snp

  5. It was very intense and exciting to watch my son play poker!!! Great playing, George!

  6. I noticed the same tell mentioned above.

  7. Congrats man.

    GL the rest of the series,


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