Friday, June 17, 2011

WSOP Day 18

Event 31, $3k PLO:  I feel like PLO is about my 10th best game if I were playing against good players, but these PLO fields at the WSOP are always so ridiculously juicy.  I chipped up from 9k to about 14k in the first few levels, then got it in with KQJ9 against T876 on a T97 board.  Without running it I'd guess I'm about 50/50 here, he might be a very slight favorite since he has 4 full house outs.  I hit a jack on the turn to make a higher straight but his full house outs came into play when the 7 came on the river and I was down to about 2k chips.  A few hands later I get it in with JT97 on a T95 flop in a 3 way pot, I'm up against another guy with T9xx and the other guy has 55xx, so basically I have 4 win outs and 2 chop outs, plus other backdoor straight and flush draws.  Unfortunately he hit a 5 on the turn to end all suspense.

$1500 NLHE tomorrow which I don't know whether I'll play yet, because I definitely want to play the $10k stud8 at 5pm, an event I got 10th in last year.

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