Sunday, June 19, 2011

WSOP Day 19

Event 33, $10k Stud8:  Really weird day, I had a very passive table and the pots were really small all day.  My stack was between about 24-30k all day and I ended the day with 24,700.  We restart at 3pm.

Sorry about the little rant a couple days ago, I really don't feel bad or sad or whatever, but you guys get the worst of me on these updates sometimes because I'm usually blogging right after I busted from something.  I consider myself very lucky to even be in a position where I can play all of these events every year and I really do enjoy it even during the bad stretches.

I think the biggest frustration for me this year is that after my 2nd place finish I had a great shot at winning player of the year if I could just get a few decent cashes to go along with it, but I haven't really gotten anything going in any other tournaments.  I was in 8th place in POTY standings I think after my cash and now I'm in 19th.  I definitely still have a shot at it but I would need to run pretty good in the next couple weeks to get there.  I actually have no idea what the player of the year wins but I do know it would be really neat to win it.

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