Friday, June 17, 2011

WSOP Day 17

Event 29, $2500 10-game:  I ended up skipping the $1500 NLHE to make sure I could play this, as I think this event is probably one of the best values for me.  Really never got much going, kept losing my chips in limit games then doubled up twice in plo, but just kept making second-best hands over and over in spots where I have to pay off, and ended up busting in level 7.

The grind is definitely starting to get to me a little, I have only 1 cash in 19 events so far.  I know obviously the one cash was a really good one, so who am I to complain really, but it's funny how poker screws with your head.  I haven't gotten even remotely deep in anything in the last week or so.  Was really looking forward to quite a few of the events this week and I didn't do anything in any of them.  I mean I feel like I'm playing fine still and that's all I can do.  I really have no idea how people play tournaments all year round without going insane.

3k PLO at 5pm tomorrow.

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  1. Dont let it get to you! Grinding is a big part of the game. Good luck in PLO today!


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