Friday, June 24, 2011

WSOP Day 25, At Least I Played for 6 Hours Today

Event 41, $1500 Limit Holdem Shootout:  Really got a pretty good table draw with only a few good players but just kept getting coolered and was down to below 1k after the first hour, somehow I hung on for another hour or so before busting.

Event 42, $10k PLO:  Got it in in huge pots as a small dog twice in fairly standard spots, won the first one to get to around 45k, lost the 2nd one to get down to 20k, lost some more small pots to get down to like 14k.  Pick up KQQh8h on the button at 2/4, open for 1100, bb calls, flop 772 with one heart, bb checks I bet 1100 he checkraises to like 3600 i minraise to like 6300 he minraises to 9k, I feel like he can be on air at least some of the time but I don't know how often (maybe never?, I dunno he was young) plus I should have something like 10-15% equity most of the time so he doesn't have to be bluffing very often for me to go all in, anyway, I raise all in and he snap calls, and has A7xx, I hit a king on the turn to pick up a couple outs but blank on the river.

$1500 donkament at noon tomorrow and $2500 razz at 5pm.

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