Sunday, June 26, 2011

WSOP Day 26

Event 43, $1500 NLHE:  Won an early allin with AQ vs AK and eventually ran my stack up to about 13k from the starting stack of 4500 by level 6, but then lost a big allin with KK vs AQ and was down to like 2k at that point, and the last hand before dinner I got allin with AK vs 88 and busted.

Event 44, $2500 Razz:  Had a pretty good table draw with some people gambling a little too much and a few other pretty tight players.  Was a really swingy day for me, I was up to 24k from the 7500 starting stack just after dinner break, then a couple hours later I was down to like 5k, then an hour or 2 later I ended the day with 34k which is probably top 5 in chips going into day 2.

$1k NLHE is the only tourney starting tomorrow but the odds are pretty slim I'll be in it, I'd have to  run extremely bad in day 2 of the razz and bust in the first hour.

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