Tuesday, May 31, 2011

WSOP Day 1

Event 2, 25k Heads-Up NLHE:  In this structure we start with 25k chips at 200/300 blinds and can add on for 25k chips twice during the match.  I drew Steve Billirakis in my first match, who goes by MrSmokey online.  I've played lots of sngs with him over the years and he's a very solid player not the kind of player I'm really hoping for with this structure.  The match started off slow and for the whole first level (levels are 20 minutes) most pots were won preflop.  He won about 5k chips off me in a decent pot where I laid down 3rd pair, but other than that not much happened.  So we go to level 2 which is 200/400.  One of the first hands of this level I raise the button to 800 with a6dd, he 3bets to 2500, I call.  Flop comes TT6 with 2 spades, he bets 3200, I raise to 8k and he shoves and I call, he flips over KK and I don't suck out.  So now I use my first addon chip, and maybe 5-10 hands later I get KK and get it in and he has AA, and I don't suck out.  Now I'm down to my last 25k.  We get into level 3 which is 300/600, I minraise the button to 1200 with A7, he raises to like 4k and I shove for like 25k and he calls, flop comes ace high so I'm in good shape to double up, but a 5 comes on the turn and I'm done in about 45 minutes.

$1500 Omaha8 at noon tomorrow.

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