Sunday, June 6, 2010

WSOP Day 9 Update

Event 13, $1k NLHE: Got my stack from 3k to 8k as I doubled up with 43 vs AA on a Q43 board, then busted a guy with AQ vs KQ on a QJT board. Then I lost a few chips making what was probably a good bluff but the guy called with a ridiculous hand that he really had no business calling with, then made a hero call with 99 on a ten high board that was probably a bad call, but not terrible I guess. Then the first hand after the first break I get KK and run into AA and I'm busto.

Event 14, $1500 2-7 NL: Had a great table. Haven't played this game all that much but I felt like it was a really good spot considering my table. Ran my stack up to 8k from the starting stack of 4500 by the first break, but then ran pretty bad after that and busted shortly after the dinner break.

10k stud8 tomorrow at 5pm.

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