Thursday, June 24, 2010

WSOP Day 28 Update

Event 44, $2500 Mixed Holdem:  Sat down at the wrong table to start, then figured it out and moved to the right table.  Started with 7500 chips, got up to 13k on about the 3rd hand when I picked up KK in the no limit portion and let a guy bluff off most of his stack.  Then that table broke and I got moved again, and in the next no limit round I picked up K9 on the button at 75/150 blinds, i opened for 425, sb made it 1125, I called, flop K94 with 2 hearts, sb bets 1400, I make it 3100, he goes all in for more than I have, I obv snapcall, and he had AJ with no hearts, and I hold and double to 26k.  Soon after this I have to go play...

Event 43, $10k HORSE, Day 2:  Went into this with 4100 chips with limits of 1500/3000.  We start with stud8 and I get a36 the first hand and someone with a low card raises in front of me, and I reriase and he reraises me all in, he had 663 which is in decent shape against my hand, I end up making a pair of 3s and no low, so I bust on the first hand, so I go back to...

Event 44:  Lost some chips after this in the limit holdem portion to get down to around 20k.  Then in the next nl round I called 3 barrels vs durrrr on a KQT93 board with KT and get my stack back to around 30k.  After this I get crushed in the next 2 limit holdem rounds and my stack dwindles to 13k at the dinner break.  About 5 hands after getting back from dinner I pick up JJ utg and open for 1025 at 200/400 blinds in nl.  Someone in late position reraises to 3000 and I go all in for 13k.  He tanks and tanks, and by this point I'm pretty sure I want him to call because I think he'd snapcall with any hand that is either ahead of me or flipping with me.  But he finally does call after about 5 minutes and flips over AK, and he hits a king on the turn, gg me.

Not sure yet if I'm going to play the $1500 nlhe tomorrow, because I want to play the $5k plo8.

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