Wednesday, June 16, 2010

WSOP Day 19 Update

Event 28, $2500 PLO:  Didn't really play any big pots for the first 5 hours, but chipped up to 10k from the starting stack of 7500.  At 100/200 I limped in early position with 3567 and someone in late position potted it and the button called and I called.  Flop came J56 rainbow, I check, preflop raiser checks, button bets like half the pot, I go all in, other guy folds, button calls with j5xx and has me in bad shape but I figured he could be betting pretty wide there and I can't fold obv.  I miss my draws and bust just in time to sign up for...

Event 29, $10k Limit Holdem:  I genuinely was hoping I would make the dinner break in the PLO so I could skip this event.  As it turned out, I liked my spot in this.  My first table, everyone was way more interested in the basketball game than in the poker game, and I was able to chip up from about 30k to 36k without really showing a hand.  Then they broke that table and I got a table where people were definitely in a gambling mood.  Obviously this means that I need to hit some hands to get some chips, and I didn't really hit much of anything, and busted near the end of the day.

$1500 NLHE and $1500 HORSE tomorrow...two good events.  $1500 HORSE might be the softest tourney of the whole series.


  1. why do you play the 10k limit when you don't even feel like it? maybe skip it and rest up?

  2. i have time to rest in like 2.5 weeks :)

    but seriously i'm not tired at all right now and it's not like i didn't feel like playing it, it's just probably my least favorite game out of the games offered at the series, so if i had to skip something that would be the one to skip.


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