Tuesday, June 22, 2010

WSOP Day 26 Update

Event 41, $1500 PLO8:  Lost half my chips in the first 2 hands I was dealt, and lasted a couple hours before I lost the rest.  Kind of nice to bust early actually and have an evening off, pretty sure it's my first of the series.

$10k HORSE tomorrow, I'll probably skip the $1500 NLHE to play it.


  1. hang in there buddy... remember you're just building suspense for your monumental finish in the series.

  2. haha yeah i hope so, wsop (tournaments in general i suppose) can be so draining sometimes in every way imaginable

  3. yeah, some day when i'm healthy i'd like to try to make a run in the wsop.

  4. Hope the evening off was refreshing. What were the two hands?


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