Tuesday, June 8, 2010

WSOP Day 11 Update

Event 15, $10k Stud8, Day 2: Quite an eventful day today, was down to 15k chips after about an hour, then about 3 hours later I was up around 360k, then I was back down around 20k, scooped 4 all in pots to stay alive, and I end the day with 76k. I'm most likely in last place right now out of 18 people left, and they pay 16 spots. We restart at 3:30 tomorrow.

Also I might play the 5k nlhe tomorrow because the odds are good that I won't last long in the stud8, and the 5k is a deep structure so I wouldn't lose many chips in it while playing the stud8, unless I end up doing well in the stud8. If anyone who has a piece of me has a problem with this, leave me a message and I won't count the 5k nlhe on your part of the shares. If I don't hear from you before 12pm pacific time then i'll count it.

Need some serious rungood tomorrow!


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