Saturday, June 19, 2010

WSOP Day 22 Update

Event 35, $10k Heads-Up NLHE:  My first round opponent was Aaron Wilt.  I ran pretty good for the whole match, including winning a big pot with JT on a 9828Q board to get to a 50k to 10k lead after about an hour.  Maybe 10-15 minutes later after some preflop shoving and folding, he shoved about 10k at 300/600 and I had KK so I made the tough but necessary call, he flipped over 66, my kings held, and I was off to round 2 at 10pm.

My second round opponent was Julian Herold.  This was a pretty crazy match.  One of the first hands I had AQ vs his AK on an ace high flop and I lost about 20k of my 60k starting stack on that hand.  Eventually he got me down to about 25k, then we got it in on an AsKh3s board, and I had A3, and he had A2 with a spade.  The turn was the 4 of spades to give me the maximum amount of sweat, but the river was a blank and I doubled up.  A few hands later we got it all in in a huge pot on a flop of JhTh4h, where I had TT and he had J7 with no hearts, so I was in really good shape.  The turn was a blank and I had him drawing dead, the river was another ten just for fun.  So at this point I'm up about 110k to 10k at blinds of 500/1000.  We play the shoving game for a while and finally he shoves about 12k and I call with K8hh, and he has A7o.  The board blanks out and he doubles up to about 25k.  After that he won another pot where I got it in with a pair and a flush draw, and he had top 2 pair, and he doubled up again.  Then we got it all in preflop and I had AQ vs his A9.  The flop was all low cards with 2 diamonds, the turn was a diamond giving him a flush draw, and the river came a diamond too, so that sucked.  Then I was down to 20k.  After that I win a few hands and then double up when we get it in preflop with A2 vs KT, and my A2 holds as the board doesn't help either of us, and we're almost even in chips after all that.  The match ended quickly after that, however, when we got it in on a Q95J board where I had Q9 and he had 55, and he had me covered.

Pretty annoying to have him almost dead and then end up losing, but it's ok.  Think I'll have a few beers tonight and then forget about it, since there's still plenty more events to play.  :)

Skipping the $1k NLHE because I want to play the $3k HORSE tomorrow at 5pm.  I may play the 1k on Sunday if I don't make day 2 of the HORSE, but I'm not really sure yet.

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  1. sigh, thats pretty damn brutal


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