Tuesday, June 29, 2010

WSOP Day 32 Update

Event 49, $1500 NLHE:  Felt like crap when I woke up this morning and considered taking a day off but then decided to go in at like 1:30 and I got there in time to late register and hopefully put up a Michael Jordan-esque performance.  Not much happened thru level 5, ended that level with 3k chips from the starting stack of 4500.  Then the rush hit me and and half an hour later I had 35k, and ended with that at the dinner break.  Kept running great all day, probably winning like 90% of my showdowns all day, and got up to about 105k with a half hour left in the day.  Then I had a hand where the guy 2 off the button opened for 3500 at 500/1k and he had a stack of around 45k, I made it 9500 with AKo on the button fully intending to call off if he shoves.  So the blinds fold and he instantly raises me 15k more with about 20k behind and I just get all kinds of 'strong' vibes from him, and also I figure I have a good stack for doing some bubble pwnage tomorrow since we're almost in the money, so after a few minutes of contemplation I decide to lay it down.  Won a few more small pots to end the day with 96,400 chips.  We restart at 2:30 tomorrow and no 5pm event tomorrow, so it's stay in day 2 of this one or go home.  Hopefully I feel a little better tomorrow, I was drinking a ton of water today to stay hydrated and kept having to go to the restroom and missing hands.  Obviously that's not too big a deal in the early levels but I definitely don't want to be doing that on day 2.

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