Sunday, June 27, 2010

WSOP Day 31 Update

Event 47, $1k NLHE:  Got it in about 20 minutes into the tourney with AA vs AK and doubled up.  A few hands later I raised with 96h in the cutoff and the bb called, he had 5k to start the hand I had him covered.  Flop Txx with 2 hearts, he checks to me, I bet 400 he raises to 1000 I call.  Turn Q of hearts giving me a flush, he bets like 1300, I go all in for like 2500 more, he calls with AT with a heart, heart on river, and I'm down to like 1k chips.  A few hands later I shove over an opener with ATo and he has AK gg me.

Just got out of the pool which was nice since I think this was the first time I've been home when it was still light out.  Feeling pretty refreshed right now and ready to take on the last 5 days of the wsop preliminaries.

Gonna rest up the rest of the day and maybe go get a nice dinner with my wife.

$1500 NLHE at noon tomorrow and $5k PLO at 5pm, probably like 80% chance I play the NLHE, and will play the PLO if I'm not still in the NLHE.

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